Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Feline Fighter

More samples from Jaguar, this time with the fur exposed. The first edition got positive comments and I guess this one will also be welcome.



  1. It started out great but right around the 2:35 timepoint I noticed a hell of a lot of video degradation ("break-up") that continued right till the end.

    Anybody else experiencing this ?

  2. On the spot comment, Panther, there was some problem in joining the clips. I will fix asap that but unfortunately I am on the road without my video tools.

    Thanks for your remarks.

  3. yo its still messed up

  4. (to anonymous) Go get a paid subscription somewhere else, sir, I am not at your service...

  5. Greetings Astrogalo,
    have you had a chance to review/fix this clip? I was curious to see what Jaguar had to offer? Also amazing work on the blog, keep it up, its the best on the net!
    Thanks for all you've done