Friday, March 12, 2010

The Ever Naked Wrestler

Candi was one of those wrestlers whom I used not to pay much attention to. However, In my daily duties of Blog posting, I have started to find good scenes with the blonde and so have decided she merits an "window of opportunity". Then, when I joined the clips, I have realized that in most of all fights I have, Candi ended stark naked (or had started right away with no clothes).

It also got to my attention that she was actually of small built: she had practically the same size as Tina, what you might see in the last clip.

The scenes are from California Supreme (two first ones), Tigra Sports (against Fran and my favorite one), next two are unknown to me and last one is from Joan Wise. This is probably the longest video in this Blog: more than twenty minutes of wrestling nudity, which is a kind of accomplishment...



  1. I have loved this lady from the moment I first laid eyes on her at Leather & Lace more than 20 years ago. She portrays an indominable spirit even when she loses. It must be that "gap-toothed" grin of hers.

  2. I like this video unfortunately it gets all pixalated and I can't hardly see what's going on. :( Dunno why it does that. I missed two great boston crabs and I couldn't even see them :(

  3. The lately technical problems have the same origin: while doing the joining process, the utility software messed up the resolution.

    I will reload the bad clips when I get some spare time. Sorry.

  4. Oh no it isn't your fault at all! I appreciate you posting here it's very awesome someone takes the time and dedication to give us such great content man. Thanks! I appreciate it and the hard work. *PS* I can't wait until you upload some more boston crab vids (girl on girl!) Those are really great! Just not the stuff people post on youtube, I like the stuff you upload it seems you have much better taste than the youtube posters do.

  5. Really great and it really was a Big Accomplishment doing all that work.

    (The audio went dead after about 17 1/2 min. but then returned about 2 min. after that.)

    Much Thanks.

  6. Hey Astrogalo, wanted to say great job with the site, a lot of work and effort has been put in and the result is awesome! Any chance of fixing this clip? Candi is one of my absolute favorites, and I was looking forward to seeing this clip but its all pixelated. If not, can you recommend a good player to view this clip? Keep up the great work!

  7. excellent. thanks