Saturday, March 13, 2010

Natural Vs Plastic

The post title comes from the perception that Heather has used a lot of silicone to increase the chest diameter whereas Ziggy has preferred to keep them as is. Anyway, V243 is one of the best competitive fights of Premier Productions.



  1. Heather is a hottie but not my fav with Premier Productions of which this is too a vid. My fav is Charlene Rink, ok her too with enhanced boobs but Charlene displays some kind of sensuality which is underwritten by 2 large points as she wrestles. No idea what Charlene is up to besides dancing. I Wonder what Heather's full name as Ziggy's is Ziggy Lariss ?

    Oh, b4 I forget: I too think it is great this blog exists and is frequently updated :-)

  2. I can't say how great Premier Productions is and their products are immortal.

    Breast enhancement is absolutely A-OK by me if that's what the woman wants. Its primary reason is to beautify the female figure and THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT DOES. If it helps in other ways, fine with me ! (Yeah, you can always overdo it but you know what I mean.)

    Great clip.

    Much Thanks.

  3. Great post!

    I enjoy both natural and plastic. Both are very pleasant to the eye :) I agree Heather being a hottie but just like airlock_nl said, Charlene Rink is my favorite "plastic" competitor at Premier Productions too. Heather is a very close 2nd :)

  4. Ziggy's real name is Michelle Ziegler.

  5. I also love and have purchased many PP videos over the years; this is one of my favourites (actually, anything with Ziggy is a favourite). Heather puts up a good fight but my goodness Ziggy is dominating, swarming.

    Another favourite of mine is Ziggy against Michelle / Sadie. Ziggy totally dominates a game Michelle; it's like she's playing with her.