Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kicks Vs Punches

From The Amazon Club comes a short - but good, fight between Karina and Aysee. The former fighter favors kicks, as she is taller, while the later girl prefers to throw direct blows because she seems a trained boxer. The winner? it is in the clip.



  1. This is a very good clip because it is not staged and the Asian girl really uses some nice skills with a crisp short left jab to stun the blonde girl right from the start. At 11 seconds into it the blonde is already doubled over from a jab to the head. Aysee also gets a couple of nice rights in but the left jab is the one that does damage. At 0:42 and 0:44 of the clip the Karina gets a couple of great left jabs from the Aysee and she keeps turning her head away. Actually the Aysee lets her off the hook because she could have come in and knocked her out sooner if she wanted there. At 0:48 Karina is holding her nose and I bet it’s bleeding from those jabs. At 0:56 the Aysee gets another great left in. The blonde girl is lanky and pretty but is slower. Aysee is very pretty too which is adds to matches of course. Karina has on sexy shorts along with Aysee also. At 1:01 Karina starts to throw a right but Aysee jabs the left in first which was great! Aysee follows with another left at 1:05 because Karina’s gloves are down. A great part of this fight is at 1:07 because Karina has her dukes up properly but Aysee sneaks that fast left jab to the head again. Beautiful jab! The knockout punch at 1:12 is a beautiful left hook and again Karina has her gloves low. Nice job from Aysee. Great clip!

  2. is it possible that the Asian woman is Anna Hurricane?

    These extreme matches are interesting, far more brutal than a Ziggy headscissor, aren't they. The skill level between the two women is noticeable. Props to the taller blonde for getting into the ring (so to speak) but she was dangerously overmatched.

  3. Yes, she might be Anne Hurricane by her physical features and combativity. The other appears to be Karina (as the first looong comment remarks).