Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Battle Of Stars (22): Well, Not Exactly

They were stars but of distinct categories: Lisa Marie had much more muscles than the tiny dynamo, Tina. Whatever the amount of stamina in the body of the Swedish, she was not match to the Kiwi fighter. The result: one of the hardest beating in the Joan Wise catalog. That includes one of the more humiliating scenes - and hilarious at the same time, of that producer.



  1. What can I say ? Thanks ! Lisa Marie is one of my favs. I think it was pretty brave for Tina to take on the Kiwi since it was obvious from the start the bigger girl would dominate the lil one although Tina gave a good match. Speaking of lil ones, Lisa Marie did encounter more relatively lil(height) ones and some did beat the big Kiwi like Robin & Sally McNeil.

  2. A fight doesn't have to be even to be enjoyable. Often to the contrary.