Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let Me Go (15): The Endless Vault (Special Long Edition)

As I want to exhaust my vault before the end of the year, I have joined more clips in the sample and today the headscissors festival will last twice of the usual time. I have even included our beloved Tina in the selection!
There are 17 scenes and most of them I could not identify: exceptions are the mentioned Tina, plus Gia Primo, Pippa L´Vinn, California Supreme (multiple scenes) and Kontex.



  1. Maybe it's just my computer but it seemed the resolution was not working which is a shame because scissors are one of my greatest, favorite holds to view.

  2. I have also experimented a lot of pixelization; however, I am still on the road and I cannot find the trouble source. Please, try to download the whole video using any off the existing browser add-ons and watch it on your PC and check if the problem disappears.

    Thanks for reporting the issue.

  3. I have tried myself the download but the lack of quality remained. Something must have happened during the conversion and joining of many clips in diverse formats and resolutions. I will try to remedy this but I cannot say when at this time.