Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let Me Go (22): Still Good

A new bunch of headscissors holds from a variety of sources. A good APL and a Candi fight are amongst them.



  1. I like the first two women. Kim on the left vs. Kyla (the Queen of mean) on the right. The entire match had lot's of scissor holds and face sitting

  2. I thought the last clip was the best. Especially with the looks the dominant wrestler was giving to the camera while she squeezed harder.

  3. I also liked both the first and the last. I think its Ana herslef applying the hs in the last clip? (Great, great fighter, IMO).

  4. IMHO the last clip is my favourite, I like that poor girl with her head between Candi's legs, a very lovely body.
    She's very cute, isn't she?