Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oiled And Sexy

Oiled and sexy they are but wrestling is nil in this Dragon Films production video. However, the brazilian girls are quite hot in that slipping bed.


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  1. I liked all of the old Brazilian fetish sites. Now they have split up and the content is even hotter between the different companies with Brazil BBW being my fav. Sadly between Sun Coast production and Tropical productions they have not made another site geared toward cat fighting. Between all the sites there is a little tussle or slapping around; then the action is geared toward the fetish of the site, but no full blow fighting. Most of the women fail to act out their roles properly, but their looks and the material overall makes up for it. I love their content and I have several movies, but nothing with oil. Oil wrestling takes a lot of effort for the fighters and sometimes make for some interesting out comes.