Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beatrice Revival

Much fighting footage about Beatrice Goffin, the legendary Belgian wrestler, are resurfacing these days, thanks to the peerless Web capacity of recycling and distributing. These are oldies, of course, since Beatrice has retired a long time ago. The first match is gainst Leonie, another european powerhouse in competitive wrestling; second one, is against Danielle and in this case is almost a domination act.

To my amazing surprise, I had never noticed how sexy Beatrice was!



  1. I always thought Bea was sexy! I came close to meeting her once but it didn't work out. Sigh. She had an interesting match against Ziggy once, it would be nice for that tape to resurface.


  2. Bea Goffin remains one of my all-time favourites. I also found her very sexy, very erotic. I suppose some of the domination (against Danielle or Lee Price) may have ben worked a little but I thnk she loved dominating other women.

  3. I remember reading quite a bit about her on the old Women's Combative Website ( know better as 'Barb's Board' ). There was a Goffin fan there who seemed almost obsessed with her and could tell you just about anything about her and her matches.

    There was one Goffin match that this guy constantly talked about and referred to as one of the best, most erotic matches he ever saw. I think it happened to show Beatrice's penchant for dominating someone she beat. I forgot who it was against but even back then when I tried to find it many times it was never offered by those that that usually had Beatrice's matches for sale ( California Wildcats ). Does this particular match 'ring a bell for anyone' and remember it / who she wrestled ?

    I know that Nadege got most of her wrestling training from Beatrice and always wondered that besides the real wrestling, if she got any of her sexfighting skills from Beatrice besides ... ??

  4. You may try rockin-roxanne which has a bunch of Beatrice Goffin movies and see if you find the match you are looking for.

    Link is:


  5. I have often mentioned how Beatrice left the business under something of a cloud which no one as ever been able to explain,but she did leave a wonderful legacy.As for her being sexy,without doubt her work for Festelle stands out.She took part in a few hot sweaty contests topless.

  6. More info on the Leonie match. The two did not like each other and this is the one opponent Bea says that about.

    The match is called the rivals and was their third meeting (tied 1-1). It is approximately 22 minutes long and a hard fought submission.

    The follow-up I got as well, Leonie exacts her revenge with a vicious submission that has Beatrice screaming in pain and wheezing (tears?) and then attacking Leonie by surprise....

    My favorite matches of all time knowing a little background.....

  7. where is this posted on the internet? is there more of this match somewhere? be great to see the whole match!!!

  8. Don't know where this match was posted or how these are posted and cut.... The Danielle match is posted on youtube and is the full 8 minute version.

    The Leonie match is truly one of the best I have ever seen with the right mix of submission wrestling a little bit of nastiness (hairpulling and grabbing of parts) and animosity that is palpable.

    I'd love to find more that I don't have as opposed to these two that I do......

  9. I had the pleasure of meeting and wrestling against Bea. AMAZING wrestler!!!! But NOT sexy AT ALL. Uninhibiited. Strong as could be. Flexible. Dominant. Probably the best wrestler. But come on guys, can't call her sexy.

    Would love to see more of the Leonie match!!! Any ideas where more could be found?

  10. Look at www.rockin-roxanne.com for Beatrice fights.

  11. After thinking about Beatrice since these posts, I believe that the match the one fan raved about was one against a girl named Ali Day.

    I'm not positive but remember the Ali Day match being one talked about quite a bit whenever Beatrice's matches were discussed.

    It's not one offered at Roxanne's so this might be it as it was always hard find.

  12. where can one find more of the Leonie match?

  13. To keep this going.... The Ali Day was the first match I saw with Beatrice and is a worked match, though well done.....

    Most matches Beatrice were made were truly competitive. Beatrice matches through Rockin-Roxanne I'd be wary of as he/she does not state the length of the tapes and she has cut matches in the past. There is the one where Bea does a series of nine different challenges (bearhug, arm wrestling, catfight, boxing....). Rockin has cut up a 45-50 minute tape to each challenge. That tells me others may be chopped too or short 5 -10 minute matches.....

  14. I think the very erotic match a poster is referring to is against Lee Price. It may not seem like much today what with Ultimate Surrender and Academy, but Bea had her way with poor Lee.