Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Real Grappler

To the ones who doubt about Nadege capabilities, some time ago (well, more than one year ago, this is not a daily newspaper (lol)) she got the gold medal in a grappling tournament in US. Watch one of the combats (it might well be the final) which display Nadege's skill and strength.

A link to the event is here (in French).


  1. Nice !

    She's always been considered one of the best in our 'secret' world of sexy female wrestling but I wasn't aware that she was doing it on the 'outside' in sanctioned events. Thanks for posting this.

    I wonder if any competitors she faced in the tournament also were aware of her expertise in sex fighting and trib, LOL.

    I am ..... :>) :>) :>) :>) :>) :>)

  2. Good point, Nadege must be one of the few grapplers who have participated in every sub-genre of female fighting. A comment elsewhere in the Blog mentions she has become a mother not long ago.

  3. Yeah, I just wonder if her 'other activities' concerning female fighting was known by the people holding the event, etc.

    If they weren't, I wonder if she would have been permitted to compete in this legitimate form of grappling if they were aware of her 'extra-curricular' activities concerning X-rated variations of female grappling, LOL. :>)

  4. As BJJ becomes more popular, many others fall into this category, including Xana, ArielX, Dia Zerva.

  5. The problem with these girls getting involved in BJJ is that the more girls who have erotic wrestling backgrounds compete in 'real' grappling competitions, their 'secret' becomes exposed ( no pun intended, LOL ).

    I think then a lot of the hard core, traditional BJJ enthusiast who are into it purely for the 'sport' of it will find exception that girls who also have Trib Championship Titles are dirtying their sport and not allow them to compete.

    Just my opinion ...

  6. Well done on pointing out what many fans in Europe have known for a long time,just because a girl is prepared to go for a look that appeals to the male of the species does not mean she can't wrestle.Apart from Nadedge girls like Anastche and Xana would more than hold their own on the "legit curcuit".

  7. I think this is a great clip. I like the way Nadege gets a great figure 4 on that girls head and in setting it up she uses a front headlock and front grapevine in the early going. Her legs really had that girls head trapped nice. The girl looked a little older than Nadege and was bigger too. Great submission.