Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pro-Wrestling Far, Far Away

I was browsing female fighting material on YouTube and found this interesting collection of clips related to an Australian TV show in the 80's. It was called Wild Women Wrestling Roulette and featured bizarre characters against the good ones in a small room.

The good thing is that fighters dressed tight swimsuits and the scripted holds and moves were interesting. Add natural and forced wedgies, an occasional slipped nipple and expert camera angles, I suspect the show had good audience rates. Thanks to pop054 YouTube user for the clips.


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  1. I am Australian and sadly I have to inform you that this programme never appeared on TV. It was released as a Video, which to my amazement was advertised late at night on TV. You could only order it by mail order which I did. It came in two parts, featuring two tournaments with the same ladies wearing different sexy outfits. Very sexy stuff, ahead of its time I think.