Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rarely Seen Here

Many moons ago (do you remember this cliché of native-american speaking in western movies?) a Blog reader asked for posting something about full nelson holds. Well, that is what I got: a sequence of three clips, from Academy Productions SOAP176, Lusa Entertainment "Assassins" (an wrestling holds catalog) and Steel Kittens SK115, respectively. In all cases, the full nelson comes toghether with another hold - e.g. a body scissor.


1 comment:

  1. If I recall, the blogger you may be talking about might be me. I do belive that I requested some full nelson holds to be published. Thank you for doing so. I particuliarly like the 2nd one personally. I love to see a women really struggling for her surrender by another women. Screaming is always a nice plus, it adds to the inticement of the situation she is in. Beautiful, and thanks again for posting. If you have more, please post my favorite hold. It's always nice to see.