Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Grapes

A favorite hold of mine that has not appeared since a long time: grapevines. First sequence is from Academy Productions ACA05, second from DWW, third from Mass Muscle (probably) and last is from SLV052. Gosh, I became a vintage female fighting blogger!



  1. Did you post this before ?

    Even if you did, Big Thanks for doing so again.

    [BTW, in contrast to my comments below regarding Most Erotic Ever post (involving face-sitting), " grapevining, " is far more erotic and arousing, imho. Grapevine holds and wrestling are not pornographic; they're just full-figured episodes of real competitive effort in a genuine feminine way because of how the female physique is shown.]

    Putting your face up somebody's butt might be good for smothering but calling it erotic is forever beyond me.

  2. Amazing clips, I have been searching for good grapevine vids for ages, I love the total domination of the grapeviner, and the ladies don't have to be naked.
    Thanks. I can die happy