Saturday, December 11, 2010

If You Have Missed It...

If you have missed Most Erotic Ever post some weeks ago - where some out-of-ordinary fight scenes were available at YouTube for sometime, there goes the original clip. I hope it will stay here permanently.


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  1. " I hope it will stay here permanently. "

    ... so maybe it will and maybe it won't (but it probably will). Just on the thought there might be something different from what I've seen before, I at least saw the first 30 seconds and fast-forwarded it a couple of times after that.

    ... but I've said it before a million times:

    I've seen dead people who know how to be more erotic than those doing face-sitting.

    So to each his own but if anybody ever persuades me this is what eroticism should be I'll give him (or her) a lifetime membership to any subscription site on the Web.