Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good Boxing, But Attires Are Better

The longer boxing sequence is from Bad Apple, the missing perpetrator of excelent matches with topless girls; the shorter is an old Festelle productions with women in the nude. Both fights feature interracial chalenges.



  1. To watch real competitive boxing
    between nude female athlets is extremely arousing. This one is from Festelle FV-132 with Black Orchid vs Sophie. The only competitive nude boxing i have seen
    is this one and a few from DWW.
    As you can hear the sound is not coordinated with the picture in this movie. To fix this you can download VLC media player for free,
    and then in the tools meny you can
    synchronize it.
    Thanks for the best femalefight site on the net!
    A.J Sweden

  2. Thanks A.J., in many occasions I forget to check the sound. I am also a fan of VLC.

    The site is great because of helpers like you.