Sunday, February 6, 2011

In The Raw For Real (22): The Missing Video

APL has produced few videos in a pro ring venue and this is one of them. Curiously, it is not available in the company´s catalog anymore. By the way, many of the vintage videos have vanished from APL´s store and the site has a different character these days: have they been acquired by someone´s else?

Originally, this was video 292 and features two spirited and beautiful girls fighting in the nude.



  1. As far as I can tell, Ana's enterprise and site haven't been acquired by anyone.

    Ana, her staff, and the women who participate have just done a great job with their events, site and products.

    The women are gorgeous, skilled and dedicated. Like others of comparable rank (FEMWIN and TUFF come to mind offhand but there are many others of very praiseworthy description in various genres) they've done a super job of expanding and the results have been really admirable, imho.

  2. The reason why this particular video may have disappeared is because it features EFC boss Bori (aka 'Bora', 'Orsolya' and 'Gina Dorres')in what I think was her one and only nude match. Moreover, I think her opponenent here, concealed beneath a brunette wig, is none other than Kira, who also normally keeps her knickers on. You know what women are like once they go into 'I was never that kind of girl' mode!

  3. Great inside information! I will look the video with more interest. Thanks a lot!