Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More On The Special Matchbook Pin

Few days ago, I posted text and images about a Matchbook pin variation that is, at the same time, appealing to the fans and rarely used in a fight. I happened to find more images about this fully folded hold that serves as pin and submission weapon.

Instead trying to describe the body positions, it is easier to show the pictures at the side.

The moving images have come from Academy SOAP-142, with my favorite voluptuous fighter - Izamar Gutierrez, against Chantel. You might notice that the hold takes some cautious steps to be applied; and that this combat has more sex than wrestling at this moment; but, who cares?



  1. isamar is in total control!!!!!what a pro, love this vidieo watch it twice a day at least.

    1. Yes, she is. And recently I viewed the entire match from the beginning. Except for a brief effort at the beginning, Chantel wasn't able to offer any offensive. Isamar dominated her throughout the entire match. I think she put Chantel in a matchbox pin at least three times, and did sexual play with Chantel's helpless body--fondling her butt, legs and pussy while holding her helpless. Isamar had Chantel at her mercy for the whole match. Fortunately, she only wanted to have fun with Chantel rather than hurting her.

  2. Chantel is so helpless, so completely at Isamar's mercy. But I don't think Isamar's wants to harm Chantel. She wants to enjoy sexually possessing Chantel before granting mercy and releasing her.

  3. As a spectacle, this is a highly entertaining and - if I dare say so from a female point of view - attractive scenario.

    However, I notice that Izamar tickles the soles of Chantel's bare feet at the beginning of the clip. I simply can't BEAR that. If I was trapped in that situation I'd try to wriggle and squirm furiously. Even though in my mind I'd know that I was held completely powerless and that struggling was totally useless, I'd be so desperate that I'd still continue with my pathetic and futile attempts to escape Izamar's tickling of my sensitive bare toes.

    I keep imagining myself in Chantel's position. Naked, having my bare feet tickled by another female and being unable to do ANYTHING about it - apart from laugh helplessly. Painless TORTURE!