Friday, February 25, 2011

My Favorite Pro Matches (Part 2)

Following Part 1, naturally comes Part 2 of Mildred Burke nude pro matches shot in the 70´s (?). At the end of the video below, there is the only instance I know of a Figure Four Leg Lock in the nude. And, folks, there are no sound. Good news is that there will be a third part.



  1. Thanks again - great pro wretsling. The forearms, the kicks, the selling of the
    "painful" holds and the figure-four submission. I imagine today's Academy or US women could make the fgure-dour even more painful and humiliating :)

  2. My comments from the first part apply to this as well (overall, great clip) but the cameraman went far too overboard with way too many close-ups of the private areas, imho. Mildred Burke from what I gather was a classy woman working with a lot of classy women; all highly respected. Like I said, I was surprised to know she was involved in nude events and I wonder if she saw them herself. If so, I surmise she may have raised a few objections about all those sensitive close-ups.

    Even if nude that's really totally unnecesssary but if done once is enough !

    Otherwise, looking forward to pt. 3 (pt 4 ? ... pt 5 ? ... pt ... ?)

    Big Thanks & Appreciation.

  3. Panther100, you can blame myself for the number of close-ups of the dark forests...And part 3 will be the last one...


  4. Once again, excellent. The closeups probably didn't bother the ladies too much as it appears they were moving into position occasionally. Sure didn't bother me.. Looking forward to part 3

  5. I love these! Pro holds are so underused in nude matches.

  6. These clips are fantastic for their time, but my only disappointment was that there is no referee and therefore no pins attempted. I'm afraid I don't care for submissions or 'cannot continue' endings. For me, it's pin attempts that are the highlights of a match. So if anyone does a modern version of these pro matches, plenty of pin attempts please!