Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Gems From The Past

The videos are not here in the post, but on the Theaters One and Two main windows. The first has nothing less than Beatrice Goffin in a rare match from her earlier days; there she shows off her blend of strength, skill and... beautiful glutes! On Theater Two main window, it is Mary, from DWW, one of my dear beauties of wrestling, who fights against Ivana, using one piece swimsuits that will eventually become an example of a sexy wedgie. And, last but not least, our friend Jeff, the Ref, watching very carefully the use of dangerous chokes...


  1. Just another softy victim for the powerhorse Béatrice. But the lady in red is brace. She has been crunched by Béatrice many times. Cruel Béatrice, don´t deliver such painful holds to unskilled girls.

  2. A boring one-sided match. Seems all of Beatrice's best matches I've seen were filmed in her loft. Still much appreciated, and hope to see more....

  3. I can´t believe tha nobody of the huge community of the fans of Beatrice is rembering her. Béatrice is a brilliant and famous wrestler for more than three decades. Where are the fans and where is beloved Béatrice? Which woman will be her next opponent?

    There are no rumors, news whatever,,, it´s a pity for the fans.