Friday, March 25, 2011

Great Moments In Female Fighting (2): Best Amateur Fight

The video is grainy, there are some continuity problems in my copy, I have no idea about the source but it is still one of the best amateur combats I have ever seen. It was probably shot in Europe under modified olympic wrestling rules. And it is quite sexy!

Please, see comments for more information.


  1. I agree - very erotic. A few of our favourites have a legit wrestling background - Bea Goffin, Tigra, Ziggy.

    I always wondered about a match between a top-ranked amateur Olympic-calibre wrestler and most of the women submission wrestlers today.


  2. what amazing match, this has to be the best greco style match I've seen on this site

    1. Not a greco match. In greco one cannot use the legs at all.

  3. Very early days DWW (under their 'EU' video series). The girl in the darker costume is Dagmar who, together with her sister Sandra, appeared in quite a few subsequent productions. Both had an amateur freestyle background and neither ever went topless.

  4. Nice official-type match. I think it might be a good demonstration match rather than a real competitive one as the two seemed to be cooperating with each other throughout the match.

    That's not a complaint or criticism, just my opinion of what was actually going on. I also loved the clip.

  5. I think Anonymous 2 is correct. This is an early EU segment (EU25 or so). Have seen those two names before as well, linked to this piece. I've seen clips of this match and one or the other women doing a mixed match with a young boy on YouTube. All of these were quickly taken down. DWW complained, as usual

  6. oh yeah definitely early DWW EU series ... fyi you have posted a snippet of this one before - i ain't complainin' because this is one of the hottest amateur wrestling vids around. would love to get a decent copy of it but what are the chances of that as DWW no longer list it for sale ...

    your previous post below :)

  7. wow, you gotta love the natural wedgies!

  8. Re the comment that the girls appeared to be cooperating with one another, I think this was because matches between that generation of young female amateur wrestlers in the Brno area being somewhat formulaic, which is hardly surprising, since they were trained by a single individual and knew one another back to front, both personally and on the mat. When some of them progressed to DWW's senior ranks, common wrestling patterns tended to be maintained, as evidenced by the emphasis on ferocious headlocks by the likes of Dagmar, Sandra, Vera, Luzia and Hana. Birds of a feather grapple together and all that.