Saturday, March 26, 2011

Theater Four: Ceiling Holds

Enough silicone on Theater Four, let us move forward to another preference: ceiling holds. And back to YouTube as a source of clips: just a couple of new material on the subject, but I guess the old ones - mostly from Japan, will please the fans. One of the new videos there is embedded below: a rare sexy pro-wrestling scene from Japan.



  1. I love seeing this hold but always wondered what rule in Pro Wrestling over rides the 'three count' when the bottom girl lies there on her back for 30 seconds or longer. Why isn't she counted out ??? LOL

  2. Why do women in ceiling holds/Surfboards not submit quickly.The victim very rarely escapes and it nearly always results in submission which finishes the bout. Is it because the hold is so painful they cannot say I submit only yell or say yes yes or Please ! or is it because the women applying it enjoys the pain and damage being inflicted ?I must admit the longer cries of submission enhance the enjoyment of seeing the application of this hold.