Friday, March 4, 2011

My Favorite Pro Matches (Part 3)

Unfortunately, this is the last installment of Midred Burke nude pro-wrestling adventures. I hope the interest that fans have demonstrated will be a good incentive to brave entrepreneurs out there to resume the idea with adequate production structure.



  1. good flick if you like the pussy in the face sort of thing. me, i would have preferred a little tit to tit and nipple to nipple pin action here. check out EGYTITO's body vs body 2 on dailymotion for great breast to breast action!! I am still waiting and hoping you post the great sexy action of Jasae's perfect tits coming down on the blond's shoulders/tit area at what i think is near the end of "toys from hell", a scene you left out of your previous post of segments from "Toys from Hell".I know it is not to everyone's liking, but i would love to see more tit to tit pins here, I don't care who the producer.

  2. I like seeing these old nude pro-style matches as I really miss seeing those full, unshaven bushes from back then. Thanks for posting it.

    Besides the wrestling and sane catfights , I love sexfights from producers like FoxyFights and TribGirls but all 'competitors' have their privates shaven. For a change I just would really enjoy seeing a trib battle with two women who have full bushes like shown in this clip.

    Anyone there know of one ... PLEASE post the info here :>)

  3. I'm with the first comment.... Love seeing women tit to tit, nipples to nipples, and pussy to pussy action of all kinds.

  4. Thought that was a really good finale of yet another great display of the nude pro genre. Glad you eased up on those sensitive area close-ups. A lot better, imho.

    I'm going to separate the breasts from the private areas when I refer to the privates because I think bust "brawling" (bust-against-bust) done in a safe-and-sane manner is a great turn-on but not if done with the private areas sub-waistline (just more sex fighting B.S. ...).

    I'll just have to say (as no doubt everybody knows) I'm not a fan of trib action (to me, ... crapola). Hell, if that's to your liking there's enough of that B.S. out there already.

    Again, Much Thanks & Appreciation for the series.