Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pinnacles Of Wedgie

DWW is in full blown these days with a lot of releases and keeping alive one of the biggest female fighting catalogs on the Web. But I could not find any reference to the video below that used to appear in a very special niche of the business: girls fighting with swimsuits designed to show and not to hide. Another video of that DWW series was featured here.



  1. It's Viktoria Marton versus Nici. DWW video ref: MOVIES - 130

  2. ooh! i'm a huge fan of skimpy one piece suits in wrestling matches and this style is very close to the ultimate :) if only they did more face sitting in these matches now that WOULD be perfect ;)

  3. Love those high-cut bathing suits whether bikini or one-piece (but no face-sitting or wedgie pulls for me).

    Plenty sexy enough for this genre, imho.