Thursday, April 7, 2011

Great Moments In Female Fighting (3): Weird Positions

Do not ask me why (it would be embarrassing to answer...), but these video segments are quite appealing to me: the first one is from Back Alley Gym (not 100% sure), AF Wrestling Shabya vs Giselle and Grappling Gals Jennifer vs Sinn Sage.



  1. The first one is Back Alley Gym. I conclude that because of the multicolor mats combined with the surrounding.

  2. " .... combined with the surrounding."


    By that you must mean the obnoxious big mouths ... the only reason I haven't attended one of their events. I just couldn't put up with a night of those comedians.

    Fortunately, TUFF puts on a classy event periodically that is within driving distance for me.