Friday, April 8, 2011

One More Sub-genre

Few weeks ago, a Blog reader asked me to publish clips with fighters staring at each other just before the combat. He told me that those moments tend to be the more exciting parts in a female fight. I really got curious about that and have collected a couple - four, actually, examples of such situations, which appear below. The first and second are from unknown source; the third from DWW Movies 555 Mel vs Antonia and the last (and funniest...) from Steel Kittens.



  1. Well, that last clip reminds me - how about some clips of girls stripping out of robes (or whatever they're wearing) in preparation?

  2. I've always enjoyed the pre-match staredown as well. Old school pro wrestlers are great at it - the instructions form the ref, then both women returning to their corners -and the heel attacking the face from behind!


  3. The endless list of sub-genres fetishes (lol)...

  4. That first clip is from a recent ECNWC match. Anytime I see something shown or mentioned of theirs I have to give their stuff a 'plug' because I consider it the best in real catfighting material .

    NO, I don't work for them, etc. I just feel their stuff isn't mentioned enough along with all the 'big names' yet produces killer stuff. I still say their old video entitled 'Three Shorter Fights' was the best, real catfighting I ever saw !

    BTW, that video is what put Vira ( Vira's Apt Fights) and Jenn ( We Bring It ) on the map.

  5. These clips would be more interesting if we saw the fight after all the posing.

  6. Wonderful compilation!
    i was really pleased to see that you considered my request and gave it importance!
    stare down before a catfight is really sexy.
    there are some sites which show only the pictures of staredown:

    "Stare down" and "test of strength" b/w two women are very very sexy!

    it would be great if u can find some more goodies and post them here!
    once again thanx!

  7. We need to see the fight from the first clip!

  8. Yes wheres the fight of the first stare down?? Definitely need the fight and staredown lol

  9. It seems there is a sort of Facebook conspiracy to watch the remaining footage! (lol)


    that's the clip i think...after that first staredown!!!