Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ok, Ok, There Goes The Follow-up...

... of the stare down post of another day. It is the second fight of ECNWC CF46, a very competitive bout between my favorite Gia against Savannah, a very even and rough match.
By the way, somebody has asked to watch wrestlers taking off their robes: there goes a first sample of the fetish number #76...



  1. Another great match set-up is the film Ballistic. Cory Everson (the bad girl) approaches her opponent (Marjorie Holden?) and very sexily takes off her robe.

    The fight sadly doesn`t meet the same standard :(

  2. this outfit is my absolute favorite. real girls...real fights. Keep em up please

  3. Thanks for posting this clip. Although I have this DVD , this is the most I could see as all my ECNWC DVD's skip and stall no matter what I play them on ... tried two computers and two DVD players.

    In the past I just exchanged them for VHS (you can't deal better people than them) but that format is no longer offered :>(

    Hopefully one of these days I'll end up with a DVD player that is compatible with my ECNWC DVD's.

  4. Thanks for the robe moment. Can a robe-removal compilation be far behind (please?)?

  5. Ok, I will schedule a robe removal sequence.

  6. wow;
    Ecnwc is my favorite outfit. But like someone else said Dvd tends to skip and stall. Please post more.