Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fighting Star (16): The Body

"Fighting Star" is the tag I have chosen to replace the somewhat overblown "Legends". Having said that, let us going to the point.

Even with many contestants for the title, I think nobody will dispute that Charlene Rink deserves the crown (or to share it, at least). Born in Hawaii, in 1972, started her career as fitness contestant in the 90´s before plunging in the wrestling arena for Utopia and, mostly, for Premier Productions. In between, she did a trial at a night club venue as a stripper, which you can see in one of the first segments of the video below. Notice that her breasts got a good dose of petrochemicals along her career.

Watching the fighting scenes below, one may argue that the wrestling is actually a device to expose the biceps, triceps and other muscles under the tanned skins of selected women. There is reason for that, since the bouts can be classified as semi-competitive at the best (it is not difficult to see this: just count the number of times the fighters are smiling...). The fights for Utopia (two first fighting segments) are a little bit more competitive, though. Anyway, in many moments, they engage in attractive wrestling holds that allows a perfect display of those magnificent bodies. And we live on fantasy, don´t we?



  1. Other than increasing revenue for Premier and Utopia, I never did quite get what Charlene Rink was all about. I guess I'd put her alongside Jill Monroe as someone who left her mark on wrestling without engaging in any serious wrestling.

  2. In the female fighting sport/business there has been space for women of all types: models, bodybuilders,porn actresses, fitness girls and even real fighters!

  3. My absolute favorite wrestler .... ever ! I always said that if I could computer design a female wrestler by adding everything I wanted the result would come out Charlene Rink ... from her looks to her wrestling style.

    The 'semi-competitive' thing never bothered me, it makes it better for what I look for.

    I was always a Premier Production fan from day one but when they added Charlene to their group I was in heaven for a long time.

    Two of my all time favorite matches with her was with Lois Smucker and Pavla.

    You're right about the breasts ... someone could lose an eye with those nipples, LOL.

  4. I also had mixed feelings about Charlene - I wish she had had some truly competitive matches. Still, she knew what to do in a ring / on a mat (yes, primarily to sell videos)

    Very easy on the eyes and she knew enough to make it look somewhat realistic (and those nipples!!!)


  5. " I never did quite get what Charlene Rink was all about"
    Hmmmm ... I think it had to have something about a gorgeous girl that wrestled other girls in a very sexy way that turned on guys into that sort of thing.

    What was so hard to figure out ?

  6. Charlene was the ultimate in my book. Beauty, grace, muscle, athletisicm, wrestling ability. Several of her matches were full competitive such as against Pavla, Lynn, Lois, and Michele. She was Premier Productions in the late 90's early 2000's. Once she retired from wrestling videos, Premier Productions shut it down. They knew it would not get any better than Charlene Rink!

  7. I'd like to be trapped between those strong shapely legs of hers forever.