Monday, April 11, 2011

Stats, Trisha And Becky

Polls have been closed (261 respondents) and we got the following about our readers:

Genre: 90% men 10% women (who are they? the wrestlers?)

Age: 21-40: 32% 41-50: 24% 51-60: 29% 61 and above: 15% (relatively balanced)

Employment: Private company: 43% Public service: 18% Self-employed: 13%
Business Owner: 7% Retired: 13% Other:9%
(more than one answer was allowed)

Changing of subject, we have a new hold in our endless fight between Trisha and Becky at the top of the page, replacing the previous lifting.



  1. love your new hold between trish and becky! tit to tit and crotch to crotch!

  2. To answer ur question if the females r wrestlers: i am a 39 yrs old woman from germany, it might be very unusual, but im wrestling addicted since 1990 when i 1st saw the undertaker. in all the years i became an addicted to all almost all kinds of wrestling/fighting, specially ladies wrestling. wish i would be younger and not living in germany, perhaps i would have started wrestling by myself.
    more unusual is perhaps that i play a female wrestler on game consoles, actually on the xbox360. found some good male friends there who love to kick my *** with their created females :D.

    greets Penhaligon

    btw i like ur blog and ur work here!!

  3. Quite interesting statement: first time I hear a woman mentioning her addiction to female fighting. But as you are saying, you would be a wrestler if the opportunity had risen.