Friday, April 15, 2011

Theater Three: Vintage In Black & White

I have changed the theme on Theater Three because I have found half a dozen rare Irving Klaw catfights - courtesy of YouTube user "joenutbag", which in addition to some of Bettie Page forays in the fighting scene will allow a pleasant time on the Theater seats.


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  1. It's always nice to get to see some of this ... stuff that was our fathers and uncles ( grandfathers in some cases ? ) sources for this obsession.

    You sure aren't going to mistake this for 'real' but wondering if during the 40's - 50's there was anything a little more convincing other than Pro women's wrestling ?

    Any real old timer's out there that can say when the earliest 'serious' women's wrestling match was they saw ? I know there wasn't anything like Fighting Style going on back in the '50's but wondering if anyone has seen even a somewhat competitive match from that time period ?

    My guess would be the earliest serious stuff being California Supreme ... but I might be way off.