Saturday, April 16, 2011

Unfriendly Hugs

This is just the second post on bearhugs (first one is here) and I know there are fans out there on that intimate wrestling hold. So, there goes a couple of minutes of sequences: SleeperKid (with Gia Primo), Helena and Kassidy (unknown producer), Japan and four sequences from Woman´s World Video, two of them with Christine Marshall.

Sorry: the original upload had only the first part but now it is correct; thanks to the guys who warned me.


  1. i can see only one!

  2. ok so how's this for a specific scenario;

    reverse bearhug on a female while she is wearing a one piece suit ... the hug tends to grip the suit and pull it tight on her crotch - sooooo sexy!!!

  3. The ones with Marshall are among the best f/f bearhugs around. The first one (against Sasha?) is somewhat competitive and the s eodcnd one is the sexiest one I've seen.