Friday, May 27, 2011

Could Be Better

The NWWL - National Women Wrestling League, is (was?) a sort of offspring of Mildred Burke as to nude pro-wrestling. They have been an welcome newcomer because of its production quality and beautiful women (including Carmen Electra).

Unfortunately, the producers have preferred to follow the standard US pro-wrestling guidelines: lots of non-fighting action, exotic characters, rock & roll, audience participation and... a few seconds of the good old holds and pins. Watch what I could extract from some 15 minutes of video from NWWL extra material (after its first long video): they are not even erotic!



  1. An intriguing idea, but ... They had a match once of April Hunter versus Melissa Coates - could have been incredible, two FBBs, proficient pro wrestlers, two great bodies. In the end, a waste of ten minutes.


  2. BTW, it's the Naked Women's Wrestling League but at any rate, an overall very good composite clip even though this was (if I read you right) distilled from 15 min. of video. It was good !!! Yeah, for some it may have been low on the erotic scale but for me it was just plain good !! for the level of "eroticism" it had. The motion was pro-style but I (and others) like that genre, too !! Much Thanks.

  3. Where do they have their "live" matches?

  4. The NWWL were the first to offer 'public' shows of naked women wrestling. And they almost got it right. Unfortunately, they went for the WWE style hype, but there was good action too, led by Annie Social. (Pity April Hunter broke her nose, as the match with Melissa Coates could have been tops too). But sadly NWWL died, and now we live in hope that someone else will take up the mantle.