Thursday, May 26, 2011

When The Fighting Stars Were Younger (10)

The staring down an young Raven gives at Jacqueline will thrill the fans; but the purpose of showing this video is allowing Blog readers to watch our fighting star at the top of her beauty. Of course, this California Wildcats V093 is staged. Curiously, Raven got in trouble with the usual catfight jobber, Jacqueline, of so many defeats.



  1. Nice! Raven was so hot! Did she ever go under the name "Raven Sky" on the Kenstar label?

  2. Wasn't Raven's real name Nancy Rood, and wasn't she the sister of Richard Rood, aka 'Ravishing Rick Rude', the late WWF star?

  3. Not of my knowledge: hope somebody can clarify Raven/Nancy biography (maybe herself...)