Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tapping Out (22): Is This The Best One?

If not, it is among the top three: it has Cherry Monroe against Jewell Marceau - a quite young jewell, fighting for my beloved Video Sports in the V079 Novice Lightweight Tournament, where everything was perfect: camera work, video quality, wrestling, breasts, butts, beauty,... And, of course, a top notch submission...



  1. Great competitive wrestling!
    If they had decided to
    take their bottoms of too, it
    would have been phenomenal!

  2. How about posting the rest? The other bouts if I recall correctly are brilliant, especially the one between Monroe and Devon Michaels.

  3. Ok, suggestion accepted: I will schedule a highlights post of the other bouts.

  4. Great match :) do you have the rest of the clips?