Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great Fight

If you happen to be a fan of Jill Monroe like me, there is an outstanding competitive fight on Theater One main screen where she battles Terry in a sheer display of stamina, submitions, pins and great bodies.


  1. Yes, Am a fan of Jill Monroe too. In the days, Terri Vixen was one of the best the UK company TPC had to offer. She was strong, had great stamina and often sat out holds only to escape them eventually. Terri did wrestle Jill on several occasions and those were mostly pretty even. In this match however Terri got slaughtered by Jill. Jill looks awesome in the one piece suit by the way; it is a pity she retired!!!!

  2. Airlock, do you know what happend to Jill after she retired? I'm a huge fan of hers too and actually wrestled her (as did my gf) in FL. I also loved Terry who had some great matches with Sasha, another fav of mine. Sasha had a long time rivalry with Jill at Women's World. Both Sasha and Terry would make great subjects on this excellent site.

  3. I will look forward to take on Sasha and Terry for future posts.

    Thanks folks for your support to the Blog.

  4. Unfortunately I am not familiar with what happened with Jill after she retired or why she retired; maybe she got into a relationship and the boyfriend asked her to quit. Unmistakenly Jill is Scottish with that accent but instead of moving to Scotland I am pretty sure Jill would have stayed in Florida. Thtas where to find Jill I guess. It is a bit odd that Jill retired at the same time as Sasha Lee Taylor did; almost like it was agreed to.

    Did not know Jill or Sasha did customs but is nice to have that intell now. Maybe some day some private shot material surfaces.

    Anyway, both Jill and Sasha did work for alot of companies so who knows what matches these two had which has not been published yet.

  5. I have a ton of stuff with Jill and Sasha, boths pictures and video. Yes, it seemed like they retired abou the same time and I've wondered why. I heard Sasha a couple years ago was in Nashville and Jill had 3 kids. Interestingly, Sasha told me Terri was her favorite girl to "work with", which surprised me as I thought it would be Jill.