Monday, August 29, 2011

Near-Twins Catfight

I got amazed by how Micky Marsaille and Nikki Dial are look-alikes: faces might be a little different but body and hair have come from the same mould. This is Napali 153 - The Fine Art of Hair Pulling, but I think the title is misleading since there are many other attractions in the movie.



  1. you promised and you delivered!! Best video you ever posted. Look at the beautiful natural tits going to battle here!! See segment at the 1:24 mark where Nikki Dial is rubbing her tits as if to say "Come on bitch, I'll match these against yours!" Look at segment 2:04 where Micky pushes her tits into Nikki's as Nikki is pushed against the wall!! Whaat action! Thanks very much! If there is any way you can do it, I would love to see the whole corridor segment of this video and/or when they are near the pool going breast to breast! you promised more of this breast to breast and you delivered. Hoping to see Tushima's tits pushing around Joi Reno's tits (napoli video) here soon!!

  2. You sir, have one hell of a great blog!

  3. Thanks for the kind remarks. I will look for Tushima's by Napali but no guarantee I can find footage of it.