Thursday, September 1, 2011

Raunchy Fights In The South

In the South America, I mean, because these two fights are from LC-69, a producer from Argentina who is currently off-line. I have found these homemade brawls quite sexy (that is because I love those slingshots...).



  1. Love the slingshots, too. There's a great match with Jacqueline (the redhead from Arena Girls?) vs. Flame where she's got a hot slingshot on.

    Actually, she was Monique in that one, I think. Anyway, to digress, she is one of my favorite fighters, but there's not much out there on her. You have a California Wildcats video of her, though, which is much appreciated!


  2. The ladies were faby vs katha. Faby clearly kicked kathya's butt. Kathya might be older, but she is no match. No matter what she looks good getting beatup