Friday, September 30, 2011

Good News And Bad News

The bad news first: more topless fighters videos are being taken down from YouTube than new ones are being uploaded. In consequence, Theater Four: Nudes in Combat has now less than 40 videos after having reached  55 fights.

On the other hand, gems from the past keep surfacing: Theater One has the complete fight between Beatrice Goffin and Kristie Etzold (I was not aware of a fight between the two...), almost teenagers, in a ring.

By the way, for the Blog new readers: Theaters are a permanent fixture and are located at the bottom of the page. They are frequently updated and clips are moved around. Theaters One and Two feature complete fights with more than five minutes of duration. Theater Four is the special venue for R (almost X in some cases...) rated fights (while stocks are available...) and Three changes the theme every other week.

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