Saturday, October 1, 2011

Theater Three: Only Senior Women

There is a good bunch of fights featuring mature wrestlers on YouTube and now they are on Theater Three (for the time being, the only rotating theme theater...).

As a companion, these segments from Fighting Wildcats, that seems to cater for mature wrestlers enthusiasts (and chubby ones as well...).



  1. Maybe a Crystal product. Reminds me on "Witches Coven", somehow.

  2. How do I get into Theater Three? I can never seem to find it on your page.

    1. Theater Three has been discontinued a long time ago: there is just one Theater now.

  3. Wow! These two women are amazing. Very sexy and very energetic. The drama between them was intense. Where dd they go? This was so good, it must have been one time only but they should do more. Beautiful mature women in that 30 - 45 yr. range.