Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Competitive Is A Fight?

It is difficult to rate a fight as to its competitiveness, isn´t it ? These fights from ModelFight are a good example of that: they are not staged but they do not have the combat tension of either Monica Wrestling or a DWW Tournament, for example. Even with one injured girl in one of the fights, I would not give them a fully competitive rate: maybe a 75%, using my "balanced scientific meter" (lol).

The combatants below are Lisa against Roxie and then Alissa, and Caroline vs Heather.



  1. I love the Lisa v. Roxey video, I've watched that enough times to make my dollars-to-views quite favorable. Roxey always seems to hold her own in every fight, but typically loses by just a bit. Heather on the other hand always seems to lose, but remains outrageously hot while doing so. I completely agree Modelfight isn't too competitive, but I am a fan regardless. The Lisa vs. Carmen fights are nice and I'm a huge fan of Devon.
    David Heisel

  2. Love the sports bras and bikinis. Nice touch.