Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That Is A Mixed Bag!!!

A black and white french movie - "Lemmy Caution" (1965), a mexican movie - "Lola, La Trailera", a Turkish one - "Buyuk Yumruk" (1983), and a standard Hollywood star movie - "Drive Angry" (2011): those are the feature movies from which I have extracted these women fighting scenes. All of them had some point of interest that has driven me to put the scene into the list: but the very last one is the best.



  1. Nice stuff indeed.... dare I say that I liked the first fight the best as there is something just a bit more catty about it. Watching these makes me so thankful for the internet. Back in the day if I wanted some good catfight action I had to look in the back of a cheap pro wrestling magazine and then order the vhs tape and wait forever for it to arrive and hope no one got to the mail before me. Now I have more material than I could ever use and most of it is free. God bless technology.

  2. Did you mean the Wrestler Magazine and lookalikes? One more case right over here...