Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Linda´s Annex

The other day, I posted a video bio of Linda and a reader made a remark that she had also fight for other companies than APL. And there she was, right in a remote corner of my disorganized archives, in a combat where Linda faced a bigger woman, Barbara. She was brave but at the end the sheer beef of her opponent prevailed. Worth noticing an half crab submission, rare to happen in a competitive bout.

The fight is in video DWW A2002, one of the several summer tournaments organized by the Austrian producer. Summertime that benefited the usual transparent white Linda who sports a beautiful tanned skin in the event.



  1. Nice find. I think this was Linda's most competitive match. She is very quidk but Barbara was surprisingly quick as well.

    How much does Barbara weigh?


  2. Unfortunately, neither DWW nor the referee (our dear Jeff) informed Barbara´s weight; I guess some 150 pounds.