Monday, November 14, 2011

Powerful Weapon

The trust of a woman 40 inches hip can also be used in a catfight as these two video sequences demonstrate. The first one has come from Joan Wise JV081 and the second - more powerful yet, from a muscle challenge whose source is unknown to me.

Humm, I cannot help but have other ideas to use those moves... (lol).


  1. Looks like Debra D'Andrea, probably MassMuscle. And yes, she uses those moves in mixed wrestling much to her advantage.

  2. The power sequence is from Mass Muscle 397 in which Debra D'Andrea and Monica Ingebrigtsen sexually assault each other.

  3. just wanted to compliment our host on his more recent selections. Have enjoyed recent selections because they involved either good breast to breast action / pins or crotch to crotch action / pins. Particularly enjoyed recent postings on theater four for the above mentioned type of action, especially one with two blonds in which one with pig-tail pins other breast to breast!! Still waiting for a segment from Napoli (It can be found in some of their previews) wherein Toshima bumps around Joi Reno's boobs with her own.

  4. To confirm what Airlock_NL said, it is Debra D against Monica.

    Debra D is one of my favourites - not the greatest wrestler but IMO a great body and no inhibitions. I much prefer her f/f work; either dominating or being dominated.


  5. Thanks for the information and feedback.

    As to the Toshima´s boobies, I could not grab (no pun intended...) any of her videos yet...