Thursday, November 17, 2011

No Fake Stuff On Here

Sometimes it is hard to say if a catfight is 100% competitive: the women might show a lot of energy and willing to win but in certain moments of the combat they spare the opponent of a more hurtful move.

That is not the case here in the Chaos ECC-3: they hate each other and the dominant woman will not stop until she is sure of damaging the loser.


  1. I don't really think they hated each other. Look, I never knew Tanya or her participants personally but I'd think she'd definitely make sure her women were decent with each other. I don't think the "winner" intentionally tormented the "loser." She (fortunately, because otherwise someone would have had to have definitely intervened) stopped her activity at the cry of pain and it appeared the "loser" would be all right.

    Great event--minus the (again, fortunately brief)-- painful ending. I'll just say Tanya and all her competitors were (and still could be) superb. She did have rules for safety. I always like it much better when the women have ample mats, room padding, cushions located at "strategic" positions, etc., in place. I'm sure such "amenities" allow the fems to concentrate better on competing when they don't have to worry about crashing and trashing (makes for a much better event, imho).

  2. Add'l post: After a careful re-play to hear the audio, apparently there was a tap-out by the fem who wanted to end; the other (honestly and apparently) just didn't hear it (neither did I). I knew Tanya had rules for safety. I'm sure her women harbored no ill will towards each other and she would insist on maintaing that.

  3. Hi, Panther, I have been missing your well based arguments.
    I see you have more information on Tanya than I do; anyway, the catfighters did a pretty good work of anger and rivalry outburst...


  4. I don't think Tanya had anything to do with the production of East Coast Cats videos. I think she just sells them.