Friday, November 18, 2011

Show Your Assets!

I love combo holds where the victim gets wrapped and immobilized with no alternative but submit. One of these moves is one that combines a full nelson with a body scissors adding a leg spread to make the looser to take a decision more rapidly. It is easier to show than explain. The first segment - from CattyFights CF-15 Ladies in Red is a clumsy example; the second one - from an unknown Joan Wise (?) movie, is better executed and the victim is bare skin!

 Maybe someone can come up with a fantasy hold name for that...

(the post title is plain awful...)


  1. The Open Sesame hold?

  2. Dear Astrogal,
    I have just recently discovered your blog and being a female wrestling fan myself I'm amazed by the depth of its contents.
    I have a wrestling forum at, if you would like to, please take a look, we would be glad to have you there, and also if you want, we might exchange links. I have already put a link to this blog on top of every page of the forum.

    Thanks for the blog!

  3. Hi, Zweig

    Thanks for your remarks, I feel flattered. I have looked at your Forum and I can recommend it to our readers. I do not post either material or links to mixed fights just because I want to keep my focus on the vast female only fighting world.

    As to Charlene' s HD videos, the most I can do is to refer you to sites as Premier Productions that still carries a lot of her fights. I do not trade or sell videos.

    Thanks again.