Monday, November 7, 2011

Sound, Oil And Lust

I was just browsing old VHS tapes when I found this odd production from California Wildcats - V121 Fantasy in Oil, with my dear Raven battling(?) the voluptuous Blake Mitchell. I got surprised by the eerie soundtrack with the female voice and out of world effects. And also impressed by the fighters lust, very likely improved by Raven new boobs (and badly finished...).



  1. The final and improved Blake Mitchell-model in action: YUMMI!!

    Blake quit much to soon or must I say Blake started much too late. Raven and Blake match nicely here. The lack of sound is rather a pity.

  2. these films are most erotic. /so was the oil match last week. Usually not into oil but these two are unbelieveably sexy...again...more please or a full version on your long theater.

  3. Love that match..Wish there was more.. It reminds me of an early California Angels (Bikini) with Shelly VS Lynn Marie... The set ups great.. Struggles sexy turned on. Yet filled with vigor and tension..Production value excellent.. Both women REALLY struggling and even suffering,but LOVING IT.. Heaven !

  4. Anyone know where I can find Blake Mitchell?