Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sub-Genre #108

Nobody is taking this sub-genre numbering seriously, ok? Anyway, I would like to add another very specific taste: to enjoy watching one wrestler pinned and out of desperation start swinging her legs back and forth until total exhaustion and ... finish.

That can happen in pro-wrestling - the two very first clips from a bygone era, in domination matches like the one with Jill Monroe and Sasha (the swinger in this case), and in competitive bouts like the one with girls in bikinis and the last one with Petra vs Monika for DWW.



  1. I like looking at the sub-genres. I don't usually explore past my own personal tastes in wrestling.
    And any sub-genre with Jill Monroe is okay by me, lol

  2. The gradual wearing down and weakening of an opponent by a woman is a very enjoyable thing to watch.I love to see a good long struggling submission with its associated cries.