Monday, November 28, 2011

Who Has The Title?

The title of "Female Fighter with the Longest Career" could well be awarded to Kristie Etzold. As informed on her personal site, she has fought hundreds of guys and gals for dozens of companies. Kristie was already featured here on the Blog in the star series about two years ago: it is the moment to make a refresh.

The clips try to cover Kristie full career time span, from her beginnings with Woman´s World Video up to the recent videos for APL. In the first set of clips, we have her against Inga, very likely for the Florida ring operation of Woman´s WW (unfortunately, its site is down and I could not check it). Then, against Amazonia in VT213 (unknown producer) in a fantasy setup where the winner can fool around with the loser after the combat. Please, notice I have included the bragging before the fight, as requested. It is followed by a serious match against Sally McNeil for Women Warriors, a silly experiment with boxing and a return to the competitive arena against Golden Kat, for Women Warriors as well.

Second block of clips are below: it has Kristie against Christine Dupree (other contender for older fighter in activity...) for California Supreme CS154 (some finger locking at the beginning to please fans), battling Robin Coleman for TopStar Productions, facing Flame Dragon (with a quite different hairdo) on a bed, losing to Ziggy, enraging Flame again for Double Trouble and in two recent productions from APL: 364 against Sandy and 462 against Sabrina Stone.

Altogether, more than twenty minutes with our beefy star.

By sheer coincidence, an YouTuber uploaded a complete fight with a topless Kristie and it is already on Theater Four.

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