Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All Time Favorite

Crystal and its Hellfire Club, with the Catfights From The Den, are always regarded with interest despite the age and grainy image. There are a dozen of those memorable fights on YouTube, although in the tamed version. I put together such scenes in a small Theater here for your benefit.


  1. One of the account has been censored by Youtube already! I think some of the a**hole who report to Youtube visit your blog to know what to stool on!
    I can see nothing more objectionable than censorship! To me, for self-righteous individuals to impose their standards of morality on other is vile. The women in these videos are adults. Their reasons for agreeing to do this are their own. It's legal, so leave the material alone!

  2. Yes, unfortunately that is the everyday battle we are on.

    However, let us not forget the OTHER reason YouTube remove videos: COPYRIGHTs...

  3. wasnt there a Hellfire Club in Brazil? did regular pro wrestling style shows.

  4. I am not aware of that. The only local producer down there was Dragon, with its stable of raunchy fighters.