Monday, December 19, 2011

Boxing With The Right Attire

That is, none. Please, notice that is a quite old idea according to the first still images in the sequence below. They were produced very likely in the 40´s and I guess it was hosted in Europe (Germany?). The second sequence is a funny bout between two Afro-American that here and there escapes the referee control. And the third - the best one, is a good semi-competitive fight that might have come from Leather & Lace. This one was originally in slow motion and sound track is... weird.



  1. WOW!!! That third fight is almost the perfect idea: the women are equal and lookalikes, not twins or sisters. If this was a catfight that would blow my mind. I like to think of them as rivals or two who meet accidentally and fight only because they are lookalikes.

  2. The video is Leather & Lace's LL-158. It features a 3 girl tournament, with these two girls outstanding in their bouts. You would not expect naked ladies to fight with such intensity (outside of DWW perhaps). Granted, they are not trying to hit the head deliberately, but other than that they don't hold back. The slow motion comes as an extra part of the whole download. The soundtrack is simply the slowed down sound of the gloves contacting, their movements and their breathing, but in real time it's a sight and sound to behold!

  3. Thank you all for the feedback and useful information.