Sunday, December 18, 2011

In The Raw For Real (25): That Is Beef

I had some hesitation before classifying this fight as competitive; however, considering the way Kelly and Christine sweat during the match, I have decided to grant that category to the video. Or at least as a semi-competitive.

It is a Tigra Genesis production, outlet that I miss pretty much due to the overwhelming predominance of porn & wrestling these days.



  1. Good call. Another Great Genesis wrestling segment from their Great series. The competitive "slow" motions of events like this just make me appreciate all the more the True sensual beauty of the competitive female effort.Completely non-pornographic. Extremely well-done. Very devoted. What more could one ask !!! ??? ...


  2. hi everyone. I was not here this past weekend, so my comments are a little belated. Just wanted to thank our host for the early Christmas present of the Tanya Danielle/ black girl tit fight segment. Appreciate it. But I prefer tit fights between women with smaller breasts. Would like to see John McCain stuff too. Does any one know how many videos John Mccain made?? Would love to see a montage here of Jasae tit fights, where Jasae is knocking her knockers into her opponents' knockers!!

  3. Who is the 'Kelly' who is locked up with Christine Dupree in this clip? It's definitely not Kelly Dobbins.

  4. Kelli Young, session wrestler still active in San Dieago

  5. I've never seen Kelly aside from this match but was very impressed - she was a very accomplished wrestler and had a great body.

  6. It's nice to watch the athletic
    muscular bodies of these wrestlers.
    Unfortunately the wrestling is very
    boring and completely